Embracing Buoyancy

One time Bill Brown bought a boat,
Expecting one day it would float.
He was handed the key,
Then he set out to sea,
And that was all that she wrote.

We often speak of projects and organizations in stark terms – success or failure, it works or it doesn’t, it flies or it crashes, it floats or it sinks. However, the reality is that most organizations find themselves at neither end of these extremes, but somewhere in the middle – with varying degrees of buoyancy.

This idea of buoyancy can be helpful. It reminds us that no idea or organization is unsinkable – we never “arrive” and so we are compelled to continue to learn and grow in order to stay afloat. At the same time the alternative to floating doesn’t have to be the bottom of the ocean. The ideas, core values, vision and purpose of the organization can be carried forward even if certain peripheral elements are added, removed, or reshaped.

Buildings, staff positions, programs/events/campaigns, specific product lines, etc. are the pieces we utilize to make real to the world our idea, but they are not the idea itself. The idea belongs to the values, vision and purpose your organization defines itself by.

Be better, be buoyant, be blessed!

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